Timber and Metal field gates

Field gates and posts.

We can supply and install metal and timber field gates to driveways, fields, paddocks stables etc.  You can see below for examples of fittings and styles from recent jobs, but there are others to choose from! 

In general most domestic applications require timber for aesthetic reasons, they look nicer and can be painted your own choice of colour. If you are painting over the gate its advisable to source a gate and posts that are treated with green Tanalised treatment rather than the brown Tanatone.  Timber gates are supplied in various sizes from 3' wide up to 12' and it is possible to have them as a pair, but you must specify this at time of of order so you get a left hand and right hand gate.  Posts also come in various sizes with options on the top finish (flat, back weathered, pointed or curved). Most field gate posts will be 2.1mt long, you need depth in the ground to support the gate.   

Metal field gates are perfect for stables, fields and farm entrances. They will hang from timber posts but are often supplied with matching metal gate posts with pre welded hinge lugs and slots or 'D' loops for closure. Generally supplied in Galvanised finish only the sizes range from 3' to 15' and again can be hung in pairs to form larger openings. 

Please contact us if you require further details.

Softwood timber Field Gate - Curved Heel

Installed for a client near Wheathampstead this is a 3.6mt (12') field gate with a curved heel.  It was installed on two new timber posts let into the ground and concreted.  The gate, posts and gate furniture were supplied by the client (he is also doing the painting). 

a 3.6mt wide Timber field gate hanging from curved top timber posts.
Timber field gate with curved heel.

Front view. (Left hand hanging)

The rear view of a curved heel field gate with the gate furniture visible.
Timber field gate with curved heel.

Rear view showing gate furniture.

Galvanised metal field gates.

Field Gate Installation

Field Gate Installation
Metal and timber field gates installed.

Metal and timber field gates installed.
Field gate spring latch

Basic spring latch and metal post, security in this instance is by a heavy duty chain and padlock.

Field gate spring latch and chain
Field gate D Loop and Auto Latch
Field Gate 'D' Loop & Auto Latch

This method allows a simple push closure and the gate shuts behind you. Can be Padlocked.

Metal field gate on Timber Posts - Metal field gates can be fitted to both steel and timber posts.
Metal field gate on Timber Posts

Metal field gates can be fitted to both steel and timber posts.