Trellis Panels

Timber trellis for walls and fences.

Pergolas for shade or growing plants over.

Trellis Panels

Trellis panels can add an additional feature to the top of fences, can be fitted to walls or fencing or can be the 'fence'.  Added to the top of fence panels they can add a decorative feature and improve security by adding more height. Trellis can also help achieve full height on a fence allowing light in or the ability to see out and chat with your neighbours.

Trellis comes in various shapes and sizes but are based on standard dimensions. Trellis can be obtained in square section or diamond section with the both types available with standard or 'privacy' squares - basically more wood so smaller holes!

Trellis sizes generally start at 6' x 1' and go up to 6' x 6'. There is a range of shapes and sizing in between.  Bespoke sizing can be sourced to suit other trellis applications.

Trellis is available in both Tanalith (Green) and Tantaone (Brown) colours. Not all sizes or shapes are available in all colours though.