Howbury - Landscaping Project

Howbury Project - Landscaping.

A full garden landscaping project, this work was carried in 2022 and completed according to the customers design and direction.

The first stage of the work involved repairs to the existing walls and involved some rendering and re-pointing to improve the look and enhance it's longevity. 

The next stage was the installation of Horizontal screen panels to provide privacy and create an enclosed space and feel.  Installing these panels posed a few challenges, Horizontal decorative panels are not uncommon however these panels had a unique 'burnt' finish and in order to keep the lines the client wanted to see the least amount of post possible.  It caused some head scratching on both my part and that of the client as we overcame several installation issues along the way.

The next stage involved clearance and leveling of the garden, This done edging was put into place to form the boundary for the turfed area.

Some of the bamboo had already been planted along the rear wall but there was more to do. Bamboo can be an invasive species and caution needs to be exercised to ensure it doesn't 'escape'.  In this case planting holes were dug and lined with PVC and a specialised fabric. A good supplier will advise on what you need.  

To add another feature the client wanted a number of raised planters and obtained a number of round metal rings of various heights. With the finished lawn levels already established these were set onto blocks and located as indicated. These were thin filled and the clients Camellia collection was planted.

The final job was the laying of the new turf itself, not a big job with all the previous works  fully completed.

This was an interesting project and driven by the clients. Useful-Bloke provided some technical advice, know how and skills to complete the jobs and deliver the clients vision.  In this instance the client sourced most of the special materials, fencing, posts, planters, plants etc directly.  

The slide show below shows the process of the works from the first panel install to the completed lawn. 

I would be happy to discuss any landscaping or fencing projects with you.