Landscape Works

Patios, Pergolas, Shed & Summerhouse bases.

Landscaping Work.

I carry out a range of hard landscaping projects. These works cover everything from shed and summerhouse bases to complete garden landscaping projects, as much or as little as you want. 

Image 1 below shows the result of a complete garden project that included a Pergola build, patio and turfing to the entire garden that included new drainage and fencing using Durapost components.  On this project the client had a 'hands on' approach and the job 'evolved' as it progressed! 

Image 2 shows completed works to a large project which included lawn edging to create beds, low picket fencing to separate the garden from the pond area, a paved base (Swing seat on order!) and new fencing using Durapost fencing components.  This is all part of the larger 'Pond Project' works.

Image 3. This garden landscaping project was carried out in 2022. Working closely with the clients at all stages the garden was completed entirely to their specification and has transformed a relatively small area into a modern green space.  The install started with the installation of horizontal fencing, then clearance, planting and finally turfing. The image below taken within days of completion. More details can be found here.  

Garden Landscaping. - Fencing, Turfing and Planting.Image 3
Garden Landscaping.

Fencing, Turfing and Planting.

Image 3

Garden Landscaping. - Pergola, Paving, Fencing and Turfing Works.Image 1
Garden Landscaping.

Pergola, Paving, Fencing and Turfing Works.

Image 1

Garden Landscaping. - Fencing, Paving and Turfing.Pond ProjectImage 2
Garden Landscaping.

Fencing, Paving and Turfing.

Pond Project

Image 2

Gravel footpath.

Gravel Rings:                                   

Recently installed for a client who had a gravel frontage that proved unsuitable once a pushchair was needed!

Gravel rings are a flexible plastic sheet that are laid down on to a prepared hardcore base, fixed in position and then the gravel lays over the sheets.

The image to the right shows the completed job. You can walk and operate a pushchair without sinking into the stones.

On this job additional depth was added to the sub-base to allow a car to travel over the area.