Paving and Brickwork

Paving, Brickwork and Hard Landscaping Works


We carry out a range of paving projects and associated tasks involving small building and ground works.

Below you can see some of the small projects routinely undertaken. These can be benches installed for Parish Councils or Schools. We can lay bases for sheds, summerhouses and home offices.


We carry out small bricklaying tasks in conjunction with our other works.

This can include steps for Mobile Homes or Gardens or using bricks as an a edging for lawns and borders.

There are some examples below.

Gravel Grid pathway installed.

Gravel paths and driveways are often the most economic way of covering an area to walk on or drive over. However they always suffer from  a loose surface which can be difficult to walk over and even harder if you are pushing wheelchairs, buggies or trolleys. For the project below the client was struggling with the buggy issue but needed an economic solution but also one that allowed them to park their car and drive over the pathway on occasion. 

The solution for this is Gravel Grids!  Laid on a firm level foundation of Type 1 and 'nailed' down with the appropriate pins these grids provide a firm base that not only holds the gravel in place but offers a smooth solid surface over which it becomes significantly easier to wheel a buggy or push chair.  Suitable for both pathways and driveways subject to suitable base material. As always preparation is key.  

Gravel Rings laid over base.

Gravel rings laid over hardcore base, awaiting stone infill.
Awaiting Gravel

Gravel rings fixed down, just needs gravel put back
Gravel Rings installed.

Showing the completed gravel path with the gravel rings covered, path is ready to use.

Bench Bases and Installation

Bench installations are relatively small projects and are often carried out for local Parish Councils or Schools.  The bases are as always laid to exact specifications and the benches are generally fitted with some form of anti theft strap. Some bolt down to a base or slab and other straps concrete into footings.

Please see some examples of recently installed benches below.

Mobile home steps.

Built up from Engineering bricks these mobile home steps will stand the test of time. 
Awaiting back fill of hardcore to the void.

Mobile home steps.

With the back fill complete the slabs have been bedded onto the brickwork.
here we have used a 900mm wide x 50mm thick grey slab. These slabs are very robust and cost effective for this type of job.

Mobile Home Paving Works.

The brick steps were only part of the mobile home project here. We installed the closeboard panel fence and then landscaped the area utilising the existing paving slabs and covering the remaining area with gravel to assist with local drainage.

Paving and base preparation for sheds and garden buildings.

All reputable out building manufacturers will advise you that their structures need to be installed on flat and level bases. There is very good reason for this. It ensures the structural integrity of their building and makes certain that the installation is not compromised.

It is important that these bases remain level for the duration of the intended lifespan of the building and cutting corners on preparation is (in our view) false economy.

Correct base preparation involves excavation of the surface soil at least 150mm as a minimum. It is recommended that a geotextile membrane is laid, then properly compacted hardcore then slabs on either concrete or mortar bed.

Please see some example below.