Special Projects

'One off' special installation projects for clients. 

Dog Compounds | External Locker Installations | Water Butt Stands

Special Projects and Installations.

Mark Brooks Fencing carries out some occasionally different tasks that don't sit within either fencing or landscaping remits. Its interesting coming up with solutions for clients and seeing that project through. Some details below.

School Locker Installation.

This project was carried out for Holywell Scool in Cranfield.  The school had a covered, block paved area and supplied all the lockers through their own contacts.   We designed and installed the steel frames into the ground to keep the lockers safe and then assembled the cabinets into blocks. 

Water Butt Stand and connection.

Carried out for a customer in Wilstead. Making use of an existing down pipe on a garage we built a timber stand big enough to hold three water butts.  We laid a base to provide a solid foundation, placed the stand and supplied three water butts and made all the necessary connections.  Customer now has access to plenty of (free!) rainwater for their garden. 

Sign installation.

This work was carried out for a Parish Council customer.  Making use of two Durapost galvanised steel posts we installed using rapid set concrete and then fitted an old (refurbished) notice board supplied by the local allotment society.