Steel Palisade Fencing and Gates.

Steel Palisade Security Fencing and Gates.

Steel Palisade offer a very effective secure boundary for many types of public buildings, Schools,  Village Halls, Clubs, Allotment perimeters and commercial premises that require more than basic wire mesh. There are numerous options to choose from. 

Steel Palisade can be manufactured in various heights with options on pales (flat, rounded or triple point) with various methods of fixing. Generally it has two horizontal rails but can be manufactured with more if enhanced security is required.  Standard finish is galvanised but any RAL colour can be applied via Polyester Powder Coating finish after.

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Steel Palisade Gates

1.8mt high steel palisade gates for a car parking area. Installed for a client in 2022.

Image shows a pair of 1.8mt high steel palisade gates with adjacent infill panel. Installed to offer security to a car park. Work carried out in 2022 by Useful-Bloke

Steel Palisade gates and panel.

Installed for a client in Elstow these steel palisade gates replaced an old pair of timber gates that had reached the end of their life. The gates are manufactured from steel, they are fully galvanised and then polyester power coated, in this cases with a green (RAL6005) finish. The gates were custom made for the opening and the adjacent palisade panel was installed to complete the work.  Fitted throughout with security (anti tamper) fittings.  

Steel palisade gates - 120cm high.

This pair of steel palisade gates have been installed for Wilstead Parish Council at the allotment site. They have unequal leaves to allow pedestrian access through the small gate only. Should vehicles need access both gates need to be opened. The gates can be 'locked' shut by either a padlock on the sliding bar or utilising the locking drop bar on one or both gates thus securing them into an open or closed position.  Green PPC (polyester powder coated) over galvanised steel and secured with anti tamper fixing. It is anticipated that the council may decide to extend new palisade fencing from the gate post hence the lugs for rails are already attached.

2.0mt high Steel Palisade.

The client decided to clear the old hedge and dilapidated chainlink fence that had ceased to be fit for purpose. Mark Brooks Fencing cleared the line and installed new 2.0mt high steel palisade fence to complete the boundary around this allotment site.

As seen in the pictures a raking bay was cut to fit the first panel that connected to the gates. These pales were also the round notched type to match the gate.  

The palisade is a significant improvement over the old bramble and ivy hedge that had grown up through the fence. We were able to leave the trees along the line by stepping out from the old boundary.

Fence is 2.0mt high steel palisade with Permacone anti intruder fittings. The steel is galvanised and polyester powder coated Green (RAL 6005).

Picture shows old hedging being taken out by a digger to enable the new steel palisade fence to be connected to the gate posts.

Steel Palisade fencing.

Supplied and installed for Wilstead Bowls Club in 2018.  The images above show part of the works for this fence project.  Working with a local Tree surgeon we removed a significant conifer hedge that had previously been up around the site, took out the old chainlink fence and installed this new steel palisade fence.  Fence is 2.1 mts high with triple pointed pales. Fitted with tamper proof fittings throughout and supplied with a green PPC finish over galvanised steel.