Pond - Landscape Project

Enhancing a natural pond and extending garden landscaping.

The client looks on!

Fencing and landscaping to an overgrown pond area.

Below is a brief slide show of progress for landscape project.  The client purchased an additional piece of land, most of which was a pond fed via a natural well.  

The Pond Project

These images are best viewed on a larger device, you simply wont get the detail on your phone!

This job was to transform an area of land that the client had recently purchased. It had a well established pond fed by an underground spring and was never dry.  The project started in the winter months with the clearance of lots of floating pond weed.  Lots of care was taken not to disturb the banks or alter the shape of the pond. There was just enough access all the way round by arrangement with the neighbours.

A local agricultural contractor dragged of the old reed and cleared the surface of the pond and we installed a new post and rail fence along the boundary.  Due to the time of year (Dec) work stopped to allow the area to dry and we returned to the project in June.  Additional work had been carried out by others to reduce some trees which opened up the canopy and allowed a lot more light in.

The brief was not to disturb the pond banks but really just to level the area for future seeding.  We then installed additional boundary fencing. Two fences, one was installed using Durapost classic posts, concrete gravelboards and closeboard panels. Then a low picket fence was installed, this was built up using small concrete spurs let into the ground and concreted then timber plates bolted on.  Using these two methods has ensured that there should not be any timber in ground contact thus wood going rotten.

The garden beds were extended using solid engineering bricks as an edging and forming levels to make up the ground.  The new lawn was laid (approximately 165 sq yards) on what was probably the two hottest days in July and our job was virtually complete.  Fortunately the sprinkler did it's job and the lawn has grown very well.  The client carried out the soft landscaping works (Planting) to the borders.

I have recently returned to the project (Oct 2021) and seeded the area around the pond, nothing to see yet but hopefully i will add a couple of additional images in early spring.

If you have a project of your own and would like to discuss my services please get in touch. I am a small business but this enables some flexibility in how projects are carried out in terms of time and if the client wants to assist with some aspects.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Brooks